www.androidpolice.com How to check for software updates on your Google Pixel phone

www.androidpolice.com How to check for software updates on your Google Pixel phone

Many smartphone manufacturers are more committed than ever to providing software updates for existing and new devices. Google, Samsung, and Xiaomi, amongst others, have promised at least three years of Android OS updates for some of the best Android phones. Not only do these updates improve the user experience (not all updates were created equal), but they also patch critical security bugs and vulnerabilities. If you're wondering how to check for security updates on your Google Pixel phone manually, we've got you covered.

Most companies, including Google, don't roll out software updates to all users simultaneously. Instead, they choose to release it in small batches to ensure everything is working as expected in the real world. So, even if an update is announced, it might be a few hours or days before you get it on your device.


How to check for updates on your Pixel phone

If you want to manually check for updates on the phone itself, here's how to do it:

  1. Open the Settings app and scroll to System.
  2. Tap on System update.
    1. You can do this same process by asking Google Assistant on your phone to "Check for Updates."
    2. Tap the Settings tab that shows up in results.
  3. The phone will automatically search for updates. In case nothing shows up, you can try your luck by tapping Check for update occasionally.
  4. If the update shows up, you can then proceed to Download and install it. Once the phone is done optimizing the apps – this can take a billion hours – it'll prompt you to restart the phone to complete the installation.

For all supported devices, Google rolls out security patches every month – there are occasional delays though – and Pixel Drops once every three months. Rest assured, when Android 13 is released, your Pixel phone will be the first to get a taste of it.

If you're the impatient type, you can always choose to sideload official OTAs via ADB or the Pixel Repair Tool. Since Over-the-air updates (OTAs) are uploaded shortly after an update is announced, this is the quickest way (but not the most convenient) to ensure that you're always on the latest software build.

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