How to solve microSD card problems in Xiaomi phone

How to solve microSD card problems in Xiaomi phone

If MIUI 12 is giving you problems with your Xiaomi phone’s SD card, these methods may help you fix it.

Access MIUI 12 mobile phones to Xiaomi have created problems on some terminals microSD card performance.Several users reported that after receiving the update to the new version of the Personalization Layer, they cannot use the microSD or access their data.If this happens to you, here are several ways to do it Fix microSD card problems in Xiaomi phone.

There are 6 ways we explain to you to solve this more common problem than you might think with MIUI 12. They are all very simple, so You do not need advanced knowledge to put it into practice.Without further ado, let’s see how you can return the microSD to your Xiaomi mobile phone.

If your Xiaomi mobile phone is causing you problems with microSD, use these solutions to solve it.

Turn off Xiaomi, clean, insert microSD and restart

The easiest thing that you can do to fix microSD problems on your Xiaomi phone is this method.It consists of turning off the smartphone, removing the microSD card slot and Clean the card carefully.Then put the card back in place slot And turn on the phone.Go to Settings > About phone > Storage and Check if you can now access the data on the microSD Habit.

Physically remove and reinsert the microSD card

If the previous practice made you lazy to remove the cover, find the extraction tip, and you had to remove and insert the card, wait for the phone to turn on again, you can Almost remove and reinsert the microSD.Here are the steps to get it:

  1. Enter the settings of your Xiaomi phone.
  2. Access the section ” On the phone “.
  3. Click the option “storage”.
  4. Choose “Unmount SD Card” to remove it safely.
  5. Now click on sd card download And the microSD card should be available normally.

Format the microSD card

If the previous methods did not help you much and the microSD card on your mobile is still useless, try formatting the microSD card.You already know that this leads to the loss of data that you have stored on the device, so it is better to make a backup, for example from your computer, to protect the files before proceeding with the restore.

So you can format the microSD card of your Xiaomi mobile phone:

  1. Enter the phone settings.
  2. Access the section ” On the phone “.
  3. Click the option “storage”.
  4. Choose the “Format SD Card” option.
  5. To confirm the action, tap Format SD Card.Wait a few seconds and your microSD card will be like new.

Format microSD card with specialized software

Another option is to format the microSD card with specialized software for this task which More complete formatting will be implemented.You can do this through your computer, where you can Use tools like HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool, which you can download for free.It is in English, but the process you need to follow for microSD format is very simple.

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Grant the necessary permissions to the microSD card

The update to MIUI 12 may have caused the microSD card to appear You lose the necessary permissions to work.Therefore, you need to perform a short procedure to reset them so that you can use it as it was before the update.It consists of this:

  1. Access the file ” files manager “ from your Xiaomi
  2. Select any file by pressing on it for a few seconds.
  3. Click the option ” Move “appears at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Enters ” memory card “.
  5. Select the specific folder you want to move the selected file to.after transportation, Licenses will be active again.

Factory Reset Xiaomi Mobile Data

Finally, if the previous methods are not helpful and the microSD card of your mobile phone is still broken, you can choose The most drastic alternative: Factory reset.This procedure completely deletes all the data on your mobile phone so it is recommended to make a backup to be able to restore it later.later, Follow these steps:

  1. Entry Settings from your Xiaomi.
  2. Access the section ” On the phone “.
  3. come in now “storage”.
  4. Select option “return to factory settings”.
  5. Confirm that you want to delete everything by storing it on the phone by clicking “Delete all data”.

If you have practiced the different methods in this guide and your microSD card is still not working on Xiaomi, Perhaps the problem is with the card itself and not with the device. In this case, you can try to use another microSD card and confirm these suspicions.If the problem is with the update to MIUI, the above solutions should be enough to fix it.

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