Best Carrier For Xiaomi Phones In The US?

Best Carrier For Xiaomi Phones In The US?

If you’re looking to buy a Xiaomi phone, and you live in the US, what’re your best options when it comes to carriers? In this guide, we’ll detail the best carrier for Xiaomi phones, so you can access things like high-speed LTE data…

Xiaomi phones are great. They’re packed full of specs and amazing hardware and they retail for A LOT less than phones from Samsung and Apple.

Even Xiaomi’s ultra-flagship phones like Xiaomi Mi 11 which pack in similar specs to the Galaxy S21 Ultra are priced aggressively.

In this context, you’ll pay Galaxy S21 money for the Xiaomi Mi 11 even though it is similar to the vastly more expensive Galaxy S21 Ultra.

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But because Xiaomi phones, like handsets from OPPO and RealMe, are not designed with the US market in mind, you cannot just buy one and run it on your favorite carrier’s network.

You need to think about what bands your carrier uses and what bands your Xiaomi phone supports. And for the layman, this is where things get tricky.

Best Carrier For Xiaomi Phones In The US?

All too often, people are blinded by the value presented by Xiaomi phones. They see the price and impulse buy the phone only to later realize that the phone doesn’t support their usual carrier’s bands.

This is why knowing which Xiaomi phones work in the USA is very important.

If you want the best possible deal, the best carrier for Xiaomi phones is Mint Mobile; and best of all, it has nationwide coverage and unlimited data and calls for just $30 a month.

Which Xiaomi Phones Work In The USA?

All Xiaomi phones will work in the USA. In that, you’ll be able to switch them on and connect them to your home’s WiFi network. Where things get a little more complicated is to do with carriers. Not all US carriers support Xiaomi.

If you want a quick answer about whether your Xiaomi phone will work in the USA, use this tool – it will tell you exactly which carrier works with your specific Xiaomi phone model.

The tool itself is a little clunky, but it gets the job done. If you cannot be bothered to do that, my advice would be to ALWAYS go with either Mint Mobile or T-Mobile for Xiaomi phones in the US – they both support four out of the six bands used by Xiaomi phones.

I would almost certainly go with Mint, however – it has the best coverage and support for Xiaomi phones and the cheapest data plans and deals. You can get truly unlimited data and calls for just $30 a month.

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