www.makeuseof.com Grab an Eco-Friendly Deal on Samsung Smartphones This New Year

www.makeuseof.com Grab an Eco-Friendly Deal on Samsung Smartphones This New Year

Every choice that you make as a consumer takes a proportional toll on the world that we share. When a brand cares about the environment, you'll find this priority reflected everywhere.

Many of Samsung's best deals this New Year all have something very important in common. Namely, their focus on sustainability, certified secondhand goods, and high-performance technology that consumes fewer resources than ever.

Samsung Galaxy Ecosystem Bundles: The Best Deals on Samsung Favorites

Samsung is leaving 2021 behind on a high note: you'll find incredible offers on pretty much every category of products in its wheelhouse.

The astute will likely pick up on a recurring theme—many of these smart deals are being touted as eco-friendly, some of our top Samsung smartphone deals among them. Why? Because they have sustainability at the core, with Samsung proclaiming the holy triumvirate; trade-in, recycle, buy certified renewed.

There are many ways to buy responsibly, and choosing the right products is one of our best tips in this regard. Luckily, Samsung has done a lot of the heavy lifting for us this year; two of the top contenders for our hearts (and all of the money in our wallets) happen to be a couple of sweet eco-friendly bundles being promoted currently:


If it's been a while, we can definitely speak in advocacy of either of these bundle deals. You'll be able to upgrade your entire set-up in one fell swoop and at some of the lowest prices of the year.

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www.makeuseof.com Grab an Eco-Friendly Deal on Samsung Smartphones This New Year

Samsung Last-Minute Deals: Free Buds2 When You Buy Certified Re-Newed

If all you need is a new phone, you can still make a green choice this New Year's Eve. Buying refurbished goods is the perfect way to reduce your impact on the environment without necessarily compromising your smartphone experience.

The following Samsung smartphones are all available certified renewed from the source, through the official Samsung website. When you buy any of the following Samsung models certified renewed, you'll be able to save a lot, especially right now.

More importantly: you'll also score a free pair of Galaxy Buds2 when you buy any of the following Samsung smartphones refurbished:

All of these best-sellers are also eligible for Samsung's free, one-year warranty. Buy with confidence, all without breaking the bank.

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Go Green This New Year: Samsung Smartphone Deals for Every Tree-Hugger

Brands like Samsung do what they can to make the environmentally responsible choice as enticing and as lucrative as possible. Pay it forward in style this year with any of these earth-friendly deals, all available until the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, 2021.

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3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Smartphone This New Year

There is no better excuse than the New Year to upgrade your smartphone. New year, new everything.

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