Traded-in phone goes missing; Let Joe Know takes action

Traded-in phone goes missing; Let Joe Know takes action

PHOENIX — Purchasing a new cell phone can get pricey with some costing more than $1,000. So many people opt to trade in their old devices to cut costs. But what happens when that old device you sent in goes missing and you never get credit for it?

Ernie says his new iPhone 13 was supposed to be an easier way to connect with his family. Instead, it's a reminder of what he's missing.

"Every time I use it. Where's my Samsung? Where's my compensation?" said Ernie.

He's talking about the money or credit he was supposed to get when he sent Apple his barely used Samsung Galaxy S21 back in September.

He says he was promised a little more than $300, but it was still more than what he'd get if it just sat in a drawer. So, he sent it in. That's when he says all his problems started.

"Like a day or two later, I realized I had given a misstated model number," said Ernie.

Instead of listing the phone as an "S21" he wrote "S20" and when he called Apple Support to correct the situation, "she said, 'no, we can't do that. We're gonna have to send it back to you.'"

Traded-in phone goes missing; Let Joe Know takes action

So, Ernie waited, but weeks quickly turned to months with no phone or payment. That's when he reached out to the Let Joe Know team.

"I think that phone is gone. I don't know, I don't think they have it anymore. I honestly believe that," said Ernie.

We reached out to Apple asking where Ernie's trade-in was and if it was still on its way.

After a few days, they got back to us saying, "The team has been in contact with the customer and has resolved the request."

No word on what went wrong and why he was left waiting months. Ernie was told he'll get $490 in a few days — more than he was originally offered.

We're glad we could help him finally get what he was owed.

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