How to Make Fingerprint Scanner Faster on Samsung Galaxy Phones

How to Make Fingerprint Scanner Faster on Samsung Galaxy Phones

Samsung has been using under-display fingerprint scanners for its Galaxy S phones for some time now. It started with the Galaxy S20 series but has now expanded into some of the affordable phones as well. Sure, Samsung uses a combination of ultrasonic fingerprint scanner and optical fingerprint scanner based on the price of the phone you are paying. However, under-display fingerprint sensors are known to be slower than their capacitive counterparts. If you are wondering how to make fingerprint scanners faster on Samsung Galaxy phones, this guide is for you.

Slow Fingerprint? Use This Guide to Make Fingerprint Scanner Faster on Samsung Galaxy Phones

The best thing about following this guide is that it does not require any mods. However, before we begin, I would advise you that if you are like me and you have multiple fingerprints added, you may not be able to do it because the Samsung Galaxy phones only allow you to add up to 4 fingerprints at one time.

How to Make Fingerprint Scanner Faster on Samsung Galaxy Phones

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With that said, the trick is simple, you just have to enroll the same fingerprint at least twice. Yes, modern Galaxy phones let you do that and that too, with ease. Still, we have this guide for you so you can get started.

  1. Unlock your phone and go to Settings.
  2. Once there, look for Biometrics and security and tap that.
  3. Once you are there, you will have to tap on Fingerprints.
  4. Your phone will ask you for a PIN, enter that and you will be another menu where you can check your fingerprints.
  5. In that menu, you will find an option to enroll more fingerprints. The reason why you can't see it in the screenshot below is that I already have four fingerprints added. Still, tap the option.
  6. You will now be asked to enroll in the fingerprint. If you already have your right thumb enrolled, do it again. It will take just as many attempts and once done, you will be notified.

From this point, you can head back. Lock your phone, and test out the fingerprint scanner, there should be a noticeable increase in either the speed or the accuracy by which the fingerprint scanner recognizes your prints.

At first, I did think it is a placebo effect but after using this method on a number of other phones, I have noticed the increase in speed, as well. Sure, it is not ideal for people who have multiple fingerprints already added but a lot of us use just one of the main fingers and for that, this method works brilliantly.

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