How to boost security of your Huawei Account for more security - Huawei Central

How to boost security of your Huawei Account for more security - Huawei Central

To access any Huawei device, users need to log in to the Huawei ID on their respective devices. Without a Huawei account, users could not enjoy the Huawei services such as AppGallery, Cloud, Vmall, and more.

But, what about the security of your Huawei account because it has access to your Huawei services. It means the account or Huawei ID contains the browsing history, applications data, and more, which is dangerous if any steal and log in your Huawei account.

To boost the security of your Huawei account, here are some tips that may help you in this. You can pay attention to the following tips to make your Huawei account more secure:

How to make Huawei ID (if you don’t have one)


Real name authentication: It enables you to quickly reset passwords and change account

Emergency Contacts: This can increase the likelihood of success of your Reser password and change account request.

Security Phone Number and Email: The security phone number/security email can help you complete the verification of your identity or reset your account.

Device Management: If you logged in with your HUAWEI ID on someone else’s device, or you suspect someone is using your account, view devices that accessed your account and delete the no longer trusted device.

Messages: Pay attention to the messages and emails sent by HUAWEI ID. If you receive a message telling you about the suspicious activity on your account, this indicates that someone else is using your account

Two-step verification: When the two-step verification is enabled, it becomes more difficult to hack your account.

Unique Passwords: Your password must contain at least eight characters, including letters and numbers, to improve its security. Try to avoid using three or more consecutive identical characters.