How to automatically record calls without root on Android

How to automatically record calls without root on Android

If you’re looking for a way to easily record phone calls, fear not… you no longer have to root your device or jump through a ton of hoops to get the task done. There’s a very easy piece of software available on the Google Play Store that allows you to:

There’s a free version of Automatic Call Recorder and a Pro Version, the latter which allows you to set particular contacts whose calls will automatically be recorded.

If this sounds like something you need, read on.

Note: Please use this application with respect to your local laws regarding the recording of telephone communications.


The installation of Automatic Call Recorder is simple:

  1. Open the Google Play Store on your Android device
  2. Search for Automatic Call Recorder
  3. Locate and tap the entry by Appliqato
  4. Tap Install
  5. Read the permissions listing
  6. If the permissions listing is acceptable, tap Accept
  7. Allow the installation to complete

One the app is installed, open it from the app drawer, decide on the theme you’d like to use, setup your cloud (Google Drive or Dropbox, as shown in Figure A), and then enable/disable the options you want (Cellular data warning, Wi-Fi only, and auto save to cloud).

Figure A

Using Automatic Call Recorder on a Verizon-branded LG G3.


The nice thing about this app is that once you’ve walked through the initial (minimal) setup, you’re good to go. All incoming and outgoing calls will be recorded. Of course, this can be both good and bad. With the free version, you can only either enable all calls to be recorded, record nothing, or record all calls from non-contact numbers. If you setup the app to record all calls, you can stop a recording by doing the following:

  1. Drag down your notification bar
  2. Locate and tap the Call Recorder notification
  3. In the Manual recording pop-up (Figure B), tap Stop Recording

Figure B

Stopping a recording from the notification menu.

I highly recommend giving this app a try and, if you find it useful, then purchasing the Pro Version. Having the ability to define which contacts you want auto recorded can save you a lot of hassle and storage space.

If you’ve been searching for the easiest means to record incoming and outgoing calls from your Android device, look no further than Automatic Call Recorder. It does the job and does it well.