Common Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 problems and how to fix them

Common Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 problems and how to fix them
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Three generations in, and the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is the best foldable smartphone Samsung (or anyone else) has ever produced. It improves on the durability of the Z Fold 2, offering IPX8 water resistance, Gorilla Glass Victus, and “sweeper” bristles inside the hinge to keep out dust and increase the phone’s longevity. It’s also an excellent all-around device, boasting a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor and a versatile triple-lens rear camera system. On top of this, it does indeed fold out, making it great for multitasking and productivity, watching TV and media, and impressing your friends.


Of course, as state-of-the-art as the Z Fold 3 is, it may not be entirely free of teething problems and technical hitches. Fortunately, we’ve put together a list of common Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 problems and how to fix them. This details everything from battery drain issues to problems with Samsung Pay, helping you to make the most of your new phone and not let minor snags spoil your enjoyment of it. As is the case with our problem-solving pieces, this article will be updated as we encounter new common problems, so please check back if an issue you’re experiencing isn’t currently covered.

Issue: Camera app not displaying Dual Screen button for selfies

A number of users on Samsung’s Community forum have noted that, when trying to take a selfie in the Camera app, they don’t see the Dual Screen button. This is normally situated in the top-right of the main (folding) screen and allows the user to see a preview of their selfie on the cover screen as well, allowing them to take a selfie with the more powerful rear camera. However, on occasion, you may notice that it isn’t there for you to tap.


Issue: Samsung Pay not working

This seems to be a semi-regular theme among recent Samsung phones, and the Galaxy Fold 3 appears to continue this tradition. Namely, it has a problem with Samsung Pay, at least if you’re in the U.K. (and a few other European nations). According to more than one Samsung Community user, the Samsung Pay app doesn’t work for them, confusingly displaying a message in German and preventing them from proceeding further when setting up. This issue also appears to be affecting the Z Flip 3 in more or less equal measure.

As with previous instances of this issue, the problem arises from a mixup in the CSC code with which the phone is originally set up. Devices running EUX (EU software) instead of EUA (U.K. software) will be able to set up in English, but Samsung Pay will operate in German, which is obviously less than ideal for most people residing in the U.K.

Possible solutions

Samsung moderators have suggested a number of possible fixes for this problem, although some users report that it doesn’t work for them. Nonetheless, they’re worth giving a try:

It’s likely that Samsung will get around to addressing this issue via an update of some kind, as it did with the Galaxy S21. However, for now, you may be stuck with it if the above tips don’t work.

Issue: Screen protector problems

Some users of the Z Fold 3 have encountered a variety of issues with the phone’s pre-installed screen protectors. These problems aren’t always exactly the same, with some reporting bubbles and others reporting inconsistencies in the protector’s adherence to the screen.

As annoying as such niggles may be, it’s strongly advised that you don’t remove the pre-installed screen protector yourself, particularly when it comes to the main foldable screen. Instead, you should contact Samsung as soon as possible to arrange a fix or a replacement.

On the other hand, at least one user has asked whether it’s safe to remove the outer film that comes wrapped around the phone out of the box. This is indeed safe.

Bug: Unable to acquire GPS location in apps

Even though the Z Fold 3 has only just been released, some users have already complained that apps they use are unable to receive their GPS location data from the phone.

Possible solutions

This is an issue that has affected other Samsung devices in recent years, so you may simply have to wait for a software update for a fix. You can check if one is available by doing the following:

  1. Open the Settings app on your device.
  2. Scroll down to Software Update.
  3. Select Download and Install.
  4. If a new update is available, your device will obtain it.

Alternatively, one Samsung Community user suggests clearing the cache and data of the apps unable to receive GPS data. Simply go to Settings > Apps > [App] > Storage > Clear Cache and Data. It may also be worth double-checking permissions for each affected app, just in case they don’t have the authorization to receive your location.

Issue: Can’t activate unlocked Z Fold 3 on Sprint

This is one of the more complicated and difficult problems encountered so far with the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Quite a large number of United States-based users have reported that they can’t activate their phones on Sprint. This seems to be an issue arising from T-Mobile’s merger with Sprint and from how Samsung has optimized the phone (or not) for using a T-Mobile or Sprint SIM card.

As of writing, the only fix appears to be contacting T-Mobile and/or Sprint and trying a different SIM card (i.e., a T-Mobile rather than Sprint SIM). That said, some users have reported that the issue was resolved after several days, with a few noting that they were eventually able to activate their phones via either the T-Mobile or Sprint websites.

Problem: Battery draining too fast

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is a demanding phone, given its folding main screen and additional cover screen. You’d therefore expect it to eat through battery life fairly quickly. However, some users are griping that it’s running down its battery more quickly than it arguably should, particularly when they use the phone’s 120Hz refresh rate (which is available for both screens).


This is a fairly common problem for most phones, although, in the case of the Z Fold 3, you may want to try turning it down to a 60Hz refresh rate, which will improve your battery’s day-to-day longevity. Otherwise, there are a number of other workarounds you can try to increase your time between charges.

Problem: Z Fold 3 randomly rebooting

This is a rarer problem, although it has been noted to also affect the Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra. Basically, the Z Fold 3 randomly restarts without warning, with one user noting it happens multiple times.

Possible solutions

While this issue seems to affect only a very small minority of devices, there appears to be no clear fix for it at the moment. That said, there are two things worth trying:

Of course, if you still continue to experience the same problem, you will almost certainly need to contact Samsung.

Issue: S Pen to Text not working properly

A couple of users have reported that the Convert Handwriting to Text feature on their Z Fold 3 phones doesn’t work properly. Normally, this lets users of the Samsung Notes app handwrite a phrase or sentence and then convert it into normal text. Unfortunately, the affected users note that the process of conversion malfunctions, with random words appearing where they shouldn’t.

Possible fixes

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