Xiaomi Mi Mix phones to make comeback at March 29 event

Xiaomi Mi Mix phones to make comeback at March 29 event

Xiaomi is hosting a launch event on March 29 where it already confirmed that the company will unveil the Mi 11 Pro and the Mi 11 Ultra. Now the company took it to Weibo to confirm it will also be announcing the return of the Mi Mix lineup.

The teaser posted was accompanied by the following text (machine translated).

At the bottom of the poster it reads (in English) “March 29 Xiaomi 2021 new product launch we have something new to show you”.

Given the nature of the poster and the wording “we will have a chat”, it sounds like Xiaomi is going to offer us a sneak peek at what’s to come from Xiaomi with its Mi Mix lineup. One recent leak suggested that Xiaomi’s folding smartphone was going to carry the “MIX” name. Another report gave it the name “Mi Mix 4 Pro Max”.

Leaked Xiaomi Mi Mix Foldable prototype

Xiaomi Mi Mix phones to make comeback at March 29 event

We hope that this means Xiaomi is going to offer a peek at its new foldable phone. That it, unless, it plans to show off some other Mi Mix device that the company has managed to keep under wraps.

Fun fact, the Xiaomi Mi Mix was the first Android smartphone to break away from the the standard at the time 16:9 aspect. The Mi Mix had a 6.4-inch 17:9 LCD panel with minimal bezels, and it opened the door for modern super-tall displays.

Xiaomi Mi Mix

The Mix lineup would go on to have three more iterations: the Mi Mix 2, Mi Mix 2S, and Mi Mix 3. It’s been more than two years since the latter was announced.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

In late 2019, Xiaomi announced the Mi Mix Alpha – a futuristic smartphone with wrap-around display. It would come with a price tag of almost $3K but it ended up as a concept device and never made it to mass production.