Xiaomi 12 Ultra 5G phone leaked | 5Gradar 5G Radar

Xiaomi 12 Ultra 5G phone leaked | 5Gradar 5G Radar

Xiaomi may have built their brand around powerful budget and mid-range phones but more recently the company has become known for innovative 4G and now 5G phones. The Mi 11 Ultra, launched last year, featured the world’s biggest camera phone sensor and camera display that stretched across the back of the phone. If the new leak is to be believed, it looks like the upcoming Xiaomi 12 Ultra could just be as innovative as the Mi 11 Ultra. The leak reveals an extra-large camera display with ultra-bold circular design.

Twitter leak

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The 3D concept renders that show off the design of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra 5G phone are thanks to Dutch website LetsGoDigital we even have 3D concept renders of the phone. These are based on a twitter leak from @RODENT950, who brandishes a leaked case, which shows much about the upcoming 5G phone’s design.

Xiaomi 12 Ultra 5G phone leaked | 5Gradar 5G Radar

Xiaomi 12 Ultra design

With its circular camera array sitting within a squared platform, which appears to have space for four lenses, the upcoming Xiaomi 12 Ultra flagship 5G phone design couldn’t be more different to its predecessor with its squared camera bump. Aside from the lenses, the other cut-outs on the camera will likely be for the LED flash, the light sensor and the PDAF.

As it was leaked earlier this year that Xiaomi has struck a deal with Leica, we can expect the 12 Ultra to be branded with camera company logo, as per the renders.

The camera setup really is huge and while its exciting we must remember that Xiaomi hasn’t yet made the phone official and the renders are based on a phone case leak.

Xiaomi 12 Ultra specs

Lets be clear that to date we are merely looking at rumours when it comes to the Xiaomi 12 Ultra specs. It’s said that the 5G phone will feature a 50MP SamsungIsocell GN5 sensor to provide a wide-angle camera – this makes sense as its predecessor was used in the Mi 11 Ultra. Xiaomi flagships favor high megapixel counts, so we can expect the other lenses to follow suit too.

LetsGoDigital says that the 12 Ultra is set to come with a 6.8-inch OLED panel with a QHD+ resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate – which all sounds about right for the flagship 5G phone. They also predict the 12 Ultra will come with a huge 5,000mAh battery, likely using the company's 120W charging standard, or even perhaps 200W.