Xiaomi 12 / 12 Pro with 15GB of RAM is here - Gizchina.com

Xiaomi 12 / 12 Pro with 15GB of RAM is here - Gizchina.com

The Xiaomi 12 and Xiaomi 12 Pro recently received the MIUI 13.0.21 stable version system push. This update comes with optimizations for several functions. One of the major addition of this update is the memory fusion function. This feature optimizes the memory recycling mechanism to improve system fluency. The update also optimizes the system stability and fixes the abnormal restart problems. After activating the memory fusion technology, the Xiaomi 12 / 12 Pro system will have an additional 3GB of memory.

Xiaomi 12 / 12 Pro with 15GB of RAM is here - Gizchina.com

At present, the maximum RAM capacity of the Xiaomi 12/12 Pro is 12GB. This means that with the use of memory fusion, these smartphones will have up to 15GB of RAM. This will greatly upgrade the number of background applications and their residence time. In addition to the improvement of daily use, higher memory will also improve the game experience and make the game processing smoother. Furthermore, Xiaomi 12/12 Pro itself also has self-developed dynamic performance scheduling technology. This can intelligently adjust the mobile phone performance release technology in real-time according to the current game scene and progress.

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Taking “Honor of Kings” as an example, when starting the game, Xiaomi 12 Pro will run at full capacity. This will significantly reduce the waiting time for entering the game. However, after starting the game, the smartphone switches to a relatively moderate level, and the refresh rate stabilizes at around 60Hz. During team battles, the refresh rate of the screen will increase to 120Hz. This will allow users to have a more stable and smooth team fight experience. This way, the smartphone effectively preserves its battery.

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