POCO M3 battery explodes, blast destroys the handset

POCO M3 battery explodes, blast destroys the handset

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Smartphones catching fire (blasting?) is not a rare occurrence as we have seen more than a handful of such incidents in recent times, such as the OnePlus Nord 2 explosion. Another such incident has now surfaced online, this time with a POCO M3. Apparently, a Twitter user Mahesh (@Mahesh08716488) tweeted that his brother’s POCO M3 caught fire and blasted. While the exact reason as to what made the phone catch fire in the first place hasn’t been specified by the user, POCO acknowledged the issue and replied to the tweet saying that customers’ safety is very important and that it takes such matters seriously. Interestingly, the tweets by both Mahesh and POCO have since been deleted.

Mahesh shared an image of a burned POCO M3, which shows the bottom portion of the phone is completely damaged and only the camera module is visible. It isn’t clear whether anyone was hurt during the incident as more details are awaited at the moment.

POCO M3 battery explodes, blast destroys the handset

The company says the team is investigating the matter to find out the cause and ensure that the matter is resolved at the earliest. POCO has assured the user that it would offer the best possible solution in the matter.

A similar incident happened with POCO X3 Pro back in September, and the company claimed it to be customer-induced damage. No matter what the actual reason for catching fire or blasting is, the quality of phones is something that has become questionable these days, considering how frequently they are happening.

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This isn’t the first time a phone is blasting and may not be the last but one can only hope that brands take the product quality a bit serious as such repetitive incidents can make one lose the trust and reliability of any particular brand.