Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech Is Fast Charging Your Smartphone Safe or Bad for Battery Life? Myths and Facts Explained

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech Is Fast Charging Your Smartphone Safe or Bad for Battery Life? Myths and Facts Explained
Teejay Boris, Tech Times

Fast charging on smartphones has increasingly become the latest norm nowadays. Premium phones now sport it right out of the box as battery life has been one of the major concerns of its users.

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Fast Charging on Smartphones

It is to note that smartphones have expanded into all sorts of things, such as a device for entertainment, gaming, and even health--to name a few. As such, these multiple functions of the phones have been taking a toll on how long their battery will last.

What's more, power-heavy tasks like high graphics gaming would not even let smartphones last a single day.

Nevertheless, phone makers have been increasing the battery capacity of their devices, along with the release of impressive fast charging tech.

For instance, the Chinese phone manufacturer, Xiaomi, boasted its 120W HyperCharge tech last Sept. 15. The firm went on to compare it with Apple's 20W fast charger, and Samsung's 25W that comes with their flagships right out of the box.

Fast Charging on Smartphones: How Does it Work?

For battery charging to be considered as fast, its wattage typically goes over 10 watts. However, an industry standard for the said tech remains to be seen, as per MakeUseOf.

But it is to keep in mind that the speed of the fast charging increases as the watts also go higher.

That said, fast charging allows users to top up the battery of their devices for a mere fraction of the time that a slow or a normal charger should take.

Although there are fast-charging adapters released on the market, the support should still come from your smartphone.

So if your device does not support fast charging tech, Razer's 130W adapter or any counterpart would be useless.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech Is Fast Charging Your Smartphone Safe or Bad for Battery Life? Myths and Facts Explained

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Is Fast Charging Your Smartphone Safe or Bad for Battery?

With all of the emerging fast charging tech, some consumers ask if it is really safe for the battery life of their smartphones.

According to CNET, fast chargers could only leave significant damage to your smartphone if there are some technical issues with either the battery of your device or the charging cable or adapter.

But if everything is normal, fast charging should not be detrimental to the health of a smartphone battery.

However, some might raise the concern that heat is the greatest enemy of battery life, which is more of a concern in lithium-ion batteries that smartphones use.

That said, physics suggests that the rapid influx of power is expected to produce more heat on your device.

So, how did fast charging become safe for your battery?

It is possible as the said tech solved the heat concern by dividing the process into two phases.

The first phase is supposed to top up the battery rapidly when it is still at a lower capacity.

On the other hand, the second phase slows up the charging process to lower the heat, and, in turn, reduces the stress of the battery health of the smartphone.

Thus, the safeness of fast charging on your smartphone's battery still boils down to the management system that your manufacturer has implemented.

However, MakeUseOf noted in the same article that the minimal additional heat from the faster way of charging still slightly lessens the battery life when compared to slow chargers.

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