How To Copy A Spotify Playlist And Add New Songs How To Copy A Spotify Playlist And Add New Songs

Spotify users can copy a playlist to add or remove any song they want. Listening to other people's playlists on Spotify can be fun, but there's no way to add or remove songs from that list unless it's a collaborative playlist. However, importing playlists will allow users to edit, add, and remove songs as they please.

Spotify doesn't offer a one-click option to copy existing playlists, although the method is still not that difficult. Also, there's one crucial thing that users need to know before they get down to copying playlists from other users. Playlists can only be copied on the desktop and not the mobile app. Once the list is copied, users can edit it any way they want.


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To copy a playlist, install the Spotify desktop app on PC or Mac. Now open the app and navigate to the playlist that needs to be copied. Next, select all the songs in the playlist using 'Ctrl+a' on Windows or 'Command+a' on Mac. Now right-click anywhere on the highlighted songs and hover the cursor over 'Add to playlist.' Users will now get the option to either add the songs to an existing playlist or create a new playlist from scratch. Finally, pick the desired option to copy all the selected songs into a playlist. How To Copy A Spotify Playlist And Add New Songs

Make Existing Playlists Public Before Copying Playlists

To copy a public playlist, users must make their own existing playlists public and display them on their profiles. If that's not already the case, open up the mobile app on Android or iOS, go to 'Your Library' and select the playlist that needs to be made public. Now tap on the three-dot menu button and scroll down to the option that says 'Make public.' If the option says 'Make private' instead, the playlist is already public, so just leave it as it is. Either way, the account is now ready to copy a public playlist.

Spotify playlists are one of the best ways to listen to tracks related to any genre, artist, mood, occasion, or festival. Creating playlists is pretty easy on the app, but the service also has many existing playlists for all genres of music. The availability of so many different types of playlists means that just about anyone can find their niche irrespective of their musical taste. In addition, Spotify's public playlists are also available for everyone to tune into, and they are also reasonably easy to copy, so users can add new songs or remove existing tracks to customize them perfectly.

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