Samsung Capture update adds new options to the Screen Recording toolbar

Samsung Capture update adds new options to the Screen Recording toolbar

Samsung’s Android devices have had an inbuilt screen recorder for quite some time but the feature was limited to only certain parts of the company’s custom Android user interface. A system-wide screen recorder wasn’t announced until the launch of the Galaxy Note 10 and eventually, it started reaching other devices with One UI 2.0 based on Android 10. Despite being late to launch a native screen recorder, Samsung has added some interesting annotation features like support for on-screen drawing as an overlay. Now, the company is adding more improvements to the screen recording feature with the latest update to a system app called Samsung Capture.

Although minor, these new changes improve the functionality of the Screen Recording feature. To begin with these changes, the toolbar that appears on the top right corner of the screen at the time of recording now gets new Play, Stop, and Pointer buttons.

Old Screen Recording toolbar
New Screen Recording toolbar

In addition, Samsung has added a “Skip Countdown” button to begin screen recording right away instead of waiting for the counter to count back from 3.

For improved sorting of recordings, the Screen Capture app on phones running One UI 2 or One UI 2.1 will including the name of the app that is recorded for the longest time in the file name. Screenshots taken on Samsung devices are already named like this.

The update also enables screen recording on Samsung devices during a call, even though the voice from the call will not be recorded. Lastly, the update allows cropping the size of the screenshot for “Screen write” or on-screen annotations along with new Undo and Redo buttons.

Old Screen write feature
New Screen write feature

The updated version of Screen Capture is available through the Galaxy Store. You can be downloaded on any Samsung device using this link. This feature will not work on smartphones from other brands.

The Screen Recording feature can be activated from the Quick Settings menu on a Samsung smartphone. If you can’t find it, just tap on the three-dot button and then on “Button Order” to reveal the hidden Quick Settings button. Using this option you can unhide the screen recorder on most Samsung smartphones running Android 10 with One UI 2.0 and above.

If you use an older Samsung phone that runs Android 9 Pie or Android Oreo, you can use the steps in this XDA forum post to use the screen recorder on your device.