Best Samsung Galaxy Phone 2022

Best Samsung Galaxy Phone 2022
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Samsung makes some of the best smartphones in the world, but knowing which one to go for isn't the easiest of tasks.

Do you want the flagship-class experience offered up by the likes of the Galaxy S range, the stylus-supported Note line, or one of the Z-series foldables? Maybe Samsung's diverse (and cheaper) Galaxy A-series has what you're looking for?

The company has worked hard to have its phones stand out from the crowd too, with a tailored user experience called One UI and added-value apps and services – like the Galaxy App Store and Themes Store. There are also unique camera modes, plus features like AR Emoji, Game Booster, the company's Bixby assistant and a bunch of other experiences that you won't be able to find elsewhere.

Best Samsung Galaxy phones 2022


Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra - Best overall

After 2020's disappointing Galaxy S20 Ultra, Samsung finally earned the 'Ultra' name with a follow-up that delivers almost everything you could want from an Android flagship; admittedly at a price that only a few can afford, and in a form factor that will simply be too big for some.

In terms of versatility, the camera stands unrivalled, with a 108Mp main shooter, backed up by an ultrawide and two telephoto lenses at different optical zoom levels (3x and 10x).

The expansive 6.8in display delivers both high WQHD+ resolution and an adaptive refresh rate up to 120Hz, making it great for gaming, and with S-pen stylus support, it fills the productivity niche of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra too.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 - Best value

The baby of 2021's Galaxy S lineup, the Galaxy S21 doesn't push the envelope in any one area but at the same time addresses the S20's bland design with some fresher aesthetic and colour choices.

What's more, it also offers up better battery life and the comparatively more efficient 5nm chipset at its heart (the Snapdragon 888 or Exynos 2100, depending on where you pick one up) is some undeniably powerful silicon, granting the phone great long-term performance and integrated 5G.

Add to that Android 11 (dressed in Samsung's own One UI 3.1) at launch and a lower starting price than even the 4G version of 2020's Galaxy S20, and the S21 is a difficult handset to overlook.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 - Best foldable

Samsung took its already-envelope-pushing Galaxy Z Flip foldable, improved every aspect – from design to performance – and then made it cheaper too!

The Z Flip 3 is a beautiful expression of the evolution of foldable smartphone tech and somehow manages to incorporate water resistance into its design.

Battery life and the dual cameras could be better but despite flagship-class performance in a groundbreaking design, the Flip 3's pricing also proves that foldables can tango in the same space as conventional smartphones without any major sacrifices.

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Best Samsung Galaxy Phone 2022

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 - Best for productivity

There are a host of refinements that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 lords over its predecessor; with a cleaner, hardier design that somehow integrates water resistance, an expanded feature set (including S Pen support) and a lower starting price.

While processing, gaming and camera performance may not be industry-leading, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 focuses on making the foldable concept more attainable without presenting any real sacrifices in any particular area.

What the Fold 3 does highlight within this burgeoning product category, however, is that building experiences for folding form factors is hard and right now, Samsung is the principal driving force behind that getting any easier.

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Samsung Galaxy S21+ - Great for multimedia

There's no denying that the Samsung Galaxy S21+ is both an exceptional flagship and one of the most well-rounded phones of 2021, but ironically it stands in the shadow of its smaller sibling, the standard Galaxy S21.

If you prefer the larger 6.7in display that the S21+ offers up, you'll also enjoy its HDR10+ visuals and, most exciting of all, a super-smooth 120Hz refresh rate.

Performance is also top-notch, meaning it's great for enjoying media and gaming, there's 5G onboard and 25W fast charging means you can refill the phone's 4800mAh battery in a little over an hour.

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Samsung Galaxy A52 5G - Best mid-ranger

The Galaxy A52 5G delivers a balanced, well-considered mid-range smartphone package, with a few standout features, like its excellent 120Hz Super AMOLED display, IP67 water resistance, a lead 64Mp camera with OIS, a 3.5mm headphones jack, and four years of security updates.

It’s not perfect, though. Performance could and should be better for the money, the fingerprint sensor is curiously sub-par, and this isn’t an all-time classic Samsung design.

Rivals offer more bang for their buck, even if they don't come with Samsung's pedigree or level of customer support.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra - Great for productivity

Samsung's top 2020 Note is still an absolute powerhouse. Provided you're comfortable with its large size and high asking price, there's little this phone can't do.

Better yet, Samsung's addressed the camera issues found on the Galaxy S20 Ultra, making the system on the Note 20 Ultra far more capable and competitive.

The S Pen gains a few new remote gestures – called Anywhere Actions, Samsung Notes is now far more powerful and the phone's display sits among the best of 2020.

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Samsung Galaxy S20 - Great all-rounder

The best entry in the S20 series and simply Samsung's best phone of 2020. It’s compact, powerful and packs a versatile camera system that may not have matched the top-tier S20 Ultra on zoom or detail but still met – and sometimes beat – it across the rest of the board.

While battery life remains a slight concern, that’s really the only major fault here. The Android ecosystem offers more for less elsewhere, but usually without Samsung’s level of prestige or polish, and in this case, we think that’s worth paying for.

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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE - Great value

A lower price tag than the standard S20, achieved by a move to polycarbonate bodywork, less RAM, a lower resolution display and weaker cameras. That all said, the S20 FE still strikes an impressive price/performance balance.

The larger screen and bigger 4500mAh battery mean it's great for enjoying media and gaming, and outside the US it's likely the only way you're going to get your hands on a Snapdragon-powered member of the S20 family.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip - Great foldable

The Galaxy Z Flip isn’t a perfect phone. It’s expensive, there are only two main camera lenses, and the fingerprint sensor sucks.

Price aside, these are minor quibbles, however, and even while this may not be the best phone we used in 2020, it’s still one of our favourites. With the Z Flip, Samsung nailed the compact foldable form factor, and by comparison, every other 2020 flagship felt ungainly and oversized.

This phone looks great, offers solid performance and flagship features, and is just plain cool. The biggest challenge it faces is that its successor – the Z Flip 3 – offers more for less.

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Samsung Galaxy phone buying advice

Although we're now staring down the barrel of the reveal around Sammy's long-rumoured Galaxy S22 lineup, the S21 series is the company's latest mainstream flagship range – consisting of the standard Galaxy S21, the S21+ and the mighty S21 Ultra. The Galaxy S20 phones remain good options at their lower prices though, and they've also been joined by the Galaxy S20 FE, which offers great value for money, considering the hardware at play.

If you want a true productivity powerhouse, then consider the Galaxy Note 20 series, which went on sale in August 2020. The standard Note 20 doesn't seem like the best bang for your buck but having reviewed the Note 20 Ultra, we can confirm that it's a beast; just make sure you're comfortable with its gargantuan proportions before laying down cash for one.

Of course, if the Note 20 Ultra doesn't cut the mustard and you can swing for the high price, then the Galaxy Z Fold 3 delivers a more versatile folding form factor, embraces S Pen functionality and offers up an expansive 7.6in screen that's tailor-made for multitasking. If you like the idea of a foldable that's more compact, however, then the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is probably your best option on the market, right now.

If all of these are too rich for your blood, then Samsung's A-series spans the super-affordable to flagship-like, across a number of devices; with the Galaxy A51 being a particular highlight from last year (although the Galaxy A52 5G is now in our midst). The M-series costs even less, but these rarely get released in the West – save for the brilliant Galaxy M31, which we looked at towards the end of 2020.

You can also browse our overall list of the best phones to see how rivals like the iPhone 13 Pro and Google Pixel 6 Pro compare to the best Samsung phones out there.

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