Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra Sets A Sexy New Standard For Smartphones

Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra Sets A Sexy New Standard For Smartphones

Mobile device manufacturers like Samsung have backed themselves into something of a corner. On one hand, every release is hailed as the only phone you’ll ever need. On the other, their core objective is to sell the latest and greatest year after year. So how do they reconcile this inherent conflict of marketing philosophies? Simple. Up the ante, perfect upon perfection, and unite all the fan-favourite features of the series with an exceedingly stylish form factor, like with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

“The S22 Ultra brings the very best of S Series and the DNA of Note together in a whole new experience. The built-in S-Pen is set to unleash new productivity and creative possibilities,” says Garry McGregor, Vice President of Samsung Electronics Australia’s Mobile Division.

“We know Australians’ smartphone usage has increased by 40% after another year of prolonged pandemic living. Because of this and extended working from home arrangements, 44% of people purchasing a new smartphone are buying premium because they need higher performance devices.”

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In addition to the introduction of the S-Pen outside of the Note series, a stunningly clear display, world-class technical grunt courtesy of the Galaxy’s fastest chip ever, as well as battery life in spades, as to be expected, Samsung continues to wage war with its camera.

Night photography is the “next frontier”, explains VP Garry McGregor. Naturally, the South Korean tech giant has invested some considerable R&D into what the manufacturer has now dubbed “nightography” – distinguishing themselves from the conversation which has long been dominated by the likes of Apple, Google, and Huawei.

Armed with a 2.4um pixel sensor – Samsung’s largest pixel sensor ever – the Galaxy S22 Ultra effectively provides the everyday punter with an opportunity to capture professional-grade snapshots in all manners of lighting conditions. A larger sensor means more light and more data which, in turn, means the phone can optimise the lighting and detail like never before without any flares.

  • “Packed with new AI-supported features like Portrait Mode, Galaxy S22 Ultra is built to make every photo look professional. With S22 Ultra’s robust intelligent camera capabilities, your phone does the heavy lifting, so you always capture photos and video in any lighting.”

    Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Specs

    What comes with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra?

    Travel Pack (valued at $326 RRP)

    Power Pack (valued at $337 RRP)

    Audio Pack (valued at $302 RRP)

    Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Price & Release Date (Australia)

    The domestic Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra price starts from $1,849 for the 8GB RAM + 128GB phone, moving to $1,999 for the 12GB RAM+ 256GB phone, $2,149 for the 12GB + 512GB phone, all the way up to $2,449 for the 1TB phone. Yes, they’ve somehow kept the prices the same as last year’s… VP Garry McGregor actually provided a very detailed explanation when prompted about the matter in person, but it’s far easier to just say: “magic.”

    To sweeten the deal, any pre-orders actioned before it goes on sale will include some very hefty bonuses. Customers of Telstra will also receive a Samsung Tab AB and 12 months of Disney+ (valued at $649 RRP). Customers of Optus will receive a Samsung Galaxy Watch4 (valued at $549 RRP). And customers of Vodafone are eligible for a trade-in of over $720 in addition to $600 of bonus credit (totalling $1,320 worth of value).

    Pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra are now open and scheduled to officially go on sale from March 4th of 2022.