Jealous of Spotify Wrapped stories? Here’s how to view your stats on other music streaming services

Jealous of Spotify Wrapped stories? Here’s how to view your stats on other music streaming services

December is an exciting month to many of us — be it Christmas season, anticipations for the new year, or the colder weather. Some of us, though, look forward to this month to look back on their years in music. As you may have heard, Spotify Wrapped 2021 is already live, and users are posting their stats all over social media. Are you using a different music streaming service and feeling jealous of these interesting stories? Here’s how to view your stats on other services.

Apple Music

Apple’s music streaming service takes Wrapped to the next level. While the company doesn’t offer as many statistics as Spotify, it has an advantage that beats almost all other rivals. On Apple Music you can view your listening-related data all year round. There’s a new Replay [year] playlist that gets added to the Made For You section at the beginning of each year. This playlist is updated every Sunday to reflect your streaming habits. The service also offer stats through its website, and there you can view your top artists, songs, albums, in addition to the number of hours you spent on music. Apple doesn’t make you wait till the end of the year to view them, but they’re not as detailed and rich as Spotify’s.

YouTube Music

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Google sent out emails to some YouTube Music users last year around mid December. The email included statistics similar to the ones Apple offers. However, not all users received this email, so the service isn’t as reliable when it comes to that. Google still surfaced a My 2020 Year in Review playlist to users, but it only includes top played songs of the year, excluding any other listening data. It’s unclear when Google will make My 2021 Year in Review available this year, but we can expect it to be around the same time. Once it’s available, you will find it in your app, and it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your email, too. It’s worth noting that it’s not as detailed as Spotify Wrapped either.

Other Services

Not all services offer a yearly summary of your listening habits. If the one you actively use to enjoy music doesn’t, then you can depend on third-party solutions in some cases. is a famous and reliable tool that supports several music streaming services. It’ll count your streams the moment you connect an account of yours to it. So if you want to track next year’s stats, connect your favorite service now. Otherwise you’ll have missing data next year. The website — which has iOS and Android apps — supports a variety of popular services, such as TIDAL, Deezer, Pandora, and more. It also offers statistics related to other users, such as the most played song worldwide right now and listening habits based on different regions.

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