iPhone Air Rendering: M1 Chip, Horizontal Punch Screen

iPhone Air Rendering: M1 Chip, Horizontal Punch Screen

Recently somewhere leaked the news about a set of rendering design drawings of the iPhone folding screen mobile phone. In this set of rendering design drawings, this folding screen mobile phone is called the iPhone Air.The design ideas of the iPhone Air are similar to those of the iPhone 13 Pro Max in many ways, but related upgrades have been made on its basis. For example, the original notch screen, which has been reduced in size, no longer appears on the iPhoneAir. The alternative solution is the horizontal dot punch screen, and the front camera and the face recognition module are placed in the horizontal dot punch screen respectively. Since the screen is a flexible folding design, it does not support fingerprints under the screen, and the iPhone Air has no plan to use the side TouchID.

In the open state, the size of the iPhone Air and the iPhone 13 Pro Max is similar, but when folded, the size of the iPhone Air is only half the size of the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Based on the ultra-thin body design of the iPhoneAir, the thickness of the iPhoneAir is also not high after being folded. On the back of the folded fuselage, the iPhone Air paints the camera module part in black and also designs three camera lenses.

The design idea of ​​iPhoneAir is also estimated to refer to the folding screen mobile phones of Huawei and Samsung. Because Huawei and Samsung have stepped on many pits on folding screen mobile phones, the design of the iPhone Air should be very smooth. The iPhoneAir is painted black on the camera module part, which contains three camera lenses and a 1-inch square secondary screen. The secondary screen design of the iPhoneAir is mainly to reduce the frequent opening and closing operations of the iPhoneAir and to extend the service life of the hinge of the folding screen of the iPhone Air by viewing the information on the secondary screen.

The three camera lenses of the iPhoneAir will be upgraded to a 48-megapixel main camera, a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera, and a 12-megapixel telephoto camera. There is also a very interesting design, that is, at the top of the area between the camera lens and the secondary screen, the iPhone Air has designed a multi-color temperature flash. In terms of battery process design, the iPhone Air adopts a dual-cell design, which is designed in two parts of the fuselage. In addition, the multi-circuit also makes the charging speed of the iPhone Air faster and supports up to 66W fast charging specifications.

In order to enable the iPhoneAir to exert its powerful performance and alleviate the shortage of chips, the iPhoneAir will be equipped with Apple’s M1 chip and support up to 2TB of storage. After all, the requirements for 8K video shooting are getting higher and higher in the future, so iPhoneAir needs powerful computing power and storage space. The combination of the M1 chip and 2TB storage also gives iPhoneAir enough configuration conditions to let iPhoneAir record an 8K video experience. will be better.

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iPhone Air can be regarded as the best in terms of appearance design and hardware parameter configuration, but it will not be cheap in terms of price, and it is likely to break the 20,000 yuan mark. So for the fruit fans, the iPhone Air will let the fruit fans’ hard-earned money fall again and become the mobile phone with the highest profit margin.

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