HUAWEI Vision S Brings HarmonyOS to your next TV

HUAWEI Vision S Brings HarmonyOS to your next TV

HUAWEI enters the TV business with two 4K screens, bringing new smart features and 120Hz capabilities. Powered by HarmonyOS, HUAWEI is offering two new TV models with 55″ and 65″ displays. Incorporating some of the best HUAWEI features, you’ll be able to enjoy HUAWEI Sound, MeeTime video calls, HUAWEI Share, and more.

With HUAWEI Vision S, your next TV can be used for much more than shows and movies. Integrate your TV into your productivity, communications, music, and phone use. HarmonyOS introduces features that can make your TV a more interactive experience, even for your guests.

Seemless Connection with your Phone

As people tend to consume more and more media on their phones, HUAWEI makes a significant effort to combine the experience between your TV and phone. The included remote has a built-in NFC function that enables the OneHop Projection feature. When you tap your phone to the remote, you can begin sharing video from your phone to your TV.

This feature works well when you have many people who are taking turns sharing videos. There’s no need to download additional apps or navigate a clunky TV interface. Phone calls, texts, and other notifications will still come across on your phone, while your TV continues to play a video uninterrupted.

HUAWEI Vision S Brings HarmonyOS to your next TV

Better Navigation and Control

Even the latest smart TVs suffer from difficult controls. A remote is just not a very efficient way to navigate an operating system. So HUAWEI designed better navigation features that can make it easier to use your TV without a remote. AI Voice allows you to use voice commands to tell your TV to play specific media. You can open apps, skip through videos, check the weather, and use other features similar to the way you’d use an Alexa or Google Home.

Mirror Control is another way to ditch your traditional remote. Use your phone to find the content you want to watch, then mirror it onto the Vision S. Since these TVs run on HarmonyOS, you can use the low-latency gaming feature to play your favorite mobile games on the big screen. HarmonyOS will turn your phone screen into a gamepad, while your gameplay is shown on the Vision S display.

Video Calling with the 13 MP Magnetic Camera

The built-in camera is a lot of fun and a great way to take selfies or group photos. The most useful thing that this camera enables is video calling. Whether it’s used for casual personal calls or work meetings, MeeTime video calls can be made directly from your TV. This function supports 1080P high-quality video calls from the Vision to other devices, including phones, tablets, and watches.

Superb Audio and Video Quality

The 4K-resolution display covers 92% of the DCI-P3 color gamut and has a 120Hz refresh rate. Movies, shows, YouTube videos, or any other type of media you consume, will be shown with brilliant colors and clarity.

If you spend a lot of time binge-watching your favorite shows, give your eyes a break with the Low Blue Light and Flicker-free technology. These features are designed to help protect strain on your eyes that can be caused by long sessions of viewing.

Along with the premium video, audio quality is just as important. Turn your living room into a bona fide home theatre with 4 built-in speakers and cutting-edge Huawei Histen audio algorithms. Enjoy HUAWEI Sound enabled Virtual Surround Extension, Voice Enhancement, and Sound Calibration.

Find out more about the pricing and availability of the HUAWEI Vision S available in 55″ and 65″ sizes. Office HUAWEI Vision S Website

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