How Software AG is driving Kingdom’s transformation | Arab News

How Software AG is driving Kingdom’s transformation | Arab News

LEAP 2022, the Kingdom’s first global tech show, had entities from all over showcasing several new technologies that could become the go-to solutions for connecting minds to the future.

Disruption and transformation continue to become pivotal for every government and business to stay resilient and to continue growing. Saudi Arabia’s Communications and Information Technology Commission said the Kingdom will see significant growth in all major areas of digital technology, from Internet of Things to cloud computing, taking the entire size of the ICT sector to $27 billion by 2025. LEAP 2022 provided organizations an opportunity to witness cutting-edge transformation technology for continuity, stability and business efficiencies.

LEAP is a fundamental platform that global companies such as Software AG leverage to communicate with wider audiences. It offered a significant hub to connect with customers, partners, and the extended community of startups, entrepreneurs, students, youth, analysts and beyond.

The region’s governments and leadership have been instituting visions that pave the path for change and innovation. According to IDC experts, the public sector will remain the Kingdom’s largest in terms of ICT spending through 2024. Global companies like ourselves are eager to have a role in bringing that vision to fruition. We are fully aligned with Saudi Vision 2030 and its long-term strategy backed by innovation and progression.

As a company with the latest technologies that aid the vision, we want to put it to effective use, going across public safety to smart cities. Governments in the Middle East have the appetite, and that makes it exciting to work closely with them and tailor solutions for the needs and peculiarities of the region. And what the governments are doing here in Saudi Arabia and the region has become a model for delightful citizen services and experiences across the globe. We have collaborated with major government entities in Saudi Arabia and the region, and around 50 percent of our customers (more than 100) in the country alone are public sector entities.

How Software AG is driving Kingdom’s transformation | Arab News

At this year’s LEAP, Software AG presented the Future Disruptor’s Award — LEAP Edition.

It is a Software AG-led innovation-based university initiative that bridges the corporate-academia gap with the aim to empower Saudi youth through hands-on experiences and workshops to create real world IoT-based prototypes.

The winning team has the opportunity to intern at the company’s IoT centers in Saudi Arabia and Germany.

Visitors to the Software AG booth also witnessed an IoT-powered smart warehouse showcase — a gamified smart city use case setup where visitors were able to witness IoT in action and experience supply chain with connected equipment powered by Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT platform.

The showcase demonstrates a connected digital ecosystem, both cloud and on-premise, which enables enterprises and organizations to tackle challenges holistically and truly turn data into business value.

• The writer is regional vice president at Software AG.