Gboard’s clipboard will make it really easy to share screenshots

Gboard’s clipboard will make it really easy to share screenshots

Google appears to be working on a new feature for Gboard that builds on a feature we saw last year that added image pasting. Now, the app is gaining a convenient new skill that will make sharing screenshots a lot easier.

Android Police was first to spot the new feature, which appears to be rolling out to Gboard users in the latest beta. A message is apparently popping up in Gboard that asks if users would like to add screenshots to the app’s clipboard. A screenshot with the message was provided in Spanish, which we’ve translated via Google Translate:

According to Android Police, if you agree to the new feature, screenshots you take will be automatically added to the clipboard, which you can then easily share with friends and family in a couple of taps. You can turn the feature on and off whenever you want in Gboard’s settings.

Gboard’s clipboard will make it really easy to share screenshots

Images: Android Police

If you’ve never used Gboard, it offers a ton of features outside of its convenient clipboard. You can easily search and share GIFs, search emoji, glide type, voice type, multilingual type, and translate text from within the app. It’s a pretty fantastic experience that shows a keyboard app doesn’t just have to simply type text.

According to Android Police, the addition of screenshots to Gboard’s clipboard appears to be in the latest beta version of the app (version However, it doesn’t appear to be showing up for everyone, suggesting Google is doing limited testing for now.

Speaking of Gboard clipboard, Google recently added a new trick that expands the feature’s suggestions row to show more selections in a scrollable list. So, if you’ve copied multiple links, texts, etc., Gboard’s clipboard suggestion bar will now show all your selections in one place for improved access.

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