Gboard prepares to make pasting from the clipboard even more convenient

Gboard prepares to make pasting from the clipboard even more convenient

Google’s flagship keyboard, the one that comes pre-installed on every modern smartphone (except phones sold in China) is gaining a new trick. If you’re an avid user of Gboard’s clipboard feature, this new change will surely make your life a lot easier. In the latest version of Gboard, Google is rolling out a new scrolling bar to let you quickly access all your copied content.

Currently, Gboard’s clipboard suggestions feature, which has rolled out widely, only shows a single clipboard suggestion in the middle. The new change (via Android Police) that Google is testing expands the usability of the row and shows all your selections in a scrollable list. So if you have copied multiple links, text, passcodes, etc. to the clipboard, Gboard’s clipboard suggestion bar will now show all your selections in one place with the ability to scroll through them for quicker access. The scrollable clipboard takes over the shortcuts which are usually displayed there and hides them under an expandable arrow. Here’s a GIF showing the new feature in action.

Courtesy: Android Police

Gboard prepares to make pasting from the clipboard even more convenient

As already mentioned, Gboard currently only displays your single most recent suggestion and you have to dig deep into the clipboard manager menu to access your other copied contents. Having your all suggestions displayed right above the keyboard will significantly enhance your copy-paste game.

Android Police reports that the new suggestion bar works regardless of whether you have enabled the clipboard history or not. But we think Google will likely give users an option to opt-out or disable this bar.

For now, this change has only rolled out to a tiny number of Gboard users. Apparently, it’s a server-side switch so it’s not something you can get it right now by simply updating your app to the most recent version of Gboard. I checked my phones, both running Gboard v10.4.04, and it wasn’t available on my end. We’ll keep an eye on the feature and will let you know when it starts rolling out widely.

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