Fix ‘Android Delayed Notifications’ Issue 2022 Tip - Bollyinside

Fix ‘Android Delayed Notifications’ Issue 2022 Tip - Bollyinside

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Check Fix ‘Android Delayed Notifications’ Issue

Ideally, your smartphone will notify you of new notifications or app updates as soon as they arrive.If you notice a delay in the delivery of notifications on your Android device, for a few seconds or minutes, something is wrong somewhere.The lag shouldn’t happen often apart from temporary glitches in mobile data or Wi-Fi connectivity.Fortunately, there are several ways to fix delayed notifications on your Android.In most cases, your device hides or delays notifications to save battery power or reduce data usage.Certain system settings can cause app notifications to stop working normally.The mobile phone in your pocket is much more than just a means of communication these days.

From balancing your social life with Facebook and WhatsApp to simplifying work with Gmail and Slack, there’s an app for every aspect of your life that needs to be streamlined.All of these apps are dictated by notifications, and the ability to get them on time makes it essential to keep your life running.Rather than improve device performance and offer more screen time, Google and other Android OEMs have introduced various battery-saving features.One of the biggest was Doze mode, introduced with Android 6.0 Marshmallow and enhanced with Nougat and Oreo.

Fix ‘Android Delayed Notifications’ Issue 2022 Tip - Bollyinside

Fix Android delayed notifications

Configure battery optimization according to your needs

Here you will find that you have three options including “Smart Control”, “Optimize” and “Don’t Optimize”.Your app is probably set to Smart Control, which automatically adjusts the power strategy in the background based on app characteristics and usage.To avoid this, select the “Don’t Optimize” option instead.A message will warn you that this may affect battery performance.You can ignore this if you want to get your notifications on time.These options look a bit different if you’re on a Huawei phone.If so, you’ll have to follow a slightly different route to find it.

Once there, select the app with the notification issue and tap on it.A small menu will pop up from the bottom of the screen revealing two options.You can “Allow” or “Disallow” the app to take advantage of the existing battery optimization system.Select “Don’t allow”, but be aware that it may drain your battery more quickly.

Turn off adaptive battery on your device

Still not receiving your notifications on time?Any Android phone running Android 9 Pie or higher should have the Adaptive Battery feature.This feature helps extend the life cycle of your phone, but it can also cause issues with delayed notifications.It might be a good idea to disable this feature and see if it fixes things for you.You can do it by following these steps:

Turn off data saver

Data saver is another useful feature, but it can sometimes prevent apps from sending or receiving data in the background.This can be another cause of your notifications arriving late on your device.To fix this, turn off Data Saver.Just open your Settings app and find “Data saver” and turn it off.Depending on your model, the setting may be under Network. On OnePlus devices, Data Saver even has a quick toggle setting that you can easily add to your Quick Settings.Slide the notification bar, then touch the small pencil icon to see all the quick changes and find the one for Data saver.

Clear app cache

If you are experiencing delayed notifications for a particular app, you should try clearing the cache data for that specific app and check if that fixes the problem.Here are the steps to do it:

Disable do not disturb mode

Several smartphones come with a mode called “Do Not Disturb”, which silences all message, call and app notifications.If you’ve enabled it, that’s probably why you’re not getting notifications.

Go to “Settings -> Apps & notifications -> Notifications -> Advanced -> Do not disturb”.Finally, you need to turn off the “Do Not Disturb” option.

Final words: Fix ‘Android Delayed Notifications’ Issue

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