7 reasons why you should get Huawei’s first desktop computer, for only RM2,999 Related News Related News Related News Trending in Starpicks Others Also Read

7 reasons why you should get Huawei’s first desktop computer, for only RM2,999 Related News Related News Related News Trending in Starpicks Others Also Read

Elegant, compact and powerful, the Huawei MateStation S is what you’ve been waiting for

AS an innovator in smart PCs, Huawei aims to deliver a more convenient, professional and efficient PC experience for all users, driving mobile productivity ahead. Here are seven reasons why you need to get yourself a Huawei MateStation S pronto:

1. It comes with an elegant, comfortable keyboard

Keyboards naturally contribute to productivity when you are engrossed in work. The way this keyboard has been designed for your comfort helps to boost productivity, more so when you’re spending long hours at your desktop. Huawei MateStation S comes with the Huawei Wired Keyboard with fingerprint, the world’s first fingerprint power on and unlock feature. Elegant and smart, its minimal case design features a thin metal frame which wraps around the keys. Each key measures 16.05mm x 6.05 mm ensuring a comfortable touch-type experience, and inside every keycap is a scissor key mechanism, offering 2.5mm key travel and satisfying responsiveness.

2. You can upgrade your multitasking skills

Focusing on our desktop for daily tasks often makes it hard for us to check our smartphone. What if Huawei made it easier for you to multitask between your work and personal life? The Huawei MateStation S supports improved Huawei Share. You can tap your smartphone against the right Shift key on the keycap to activate Multi-screen Collaboration. This breaks the boundaries separating devices and realises true multi-device synergy!

Once the two devices are connected, the peripherals connected to Huawei MateStation S can be used to navigate your smartphone, and the mobile device can tap into the features offered by the software on the desktop. Files can be shared between two devices by a simple drag and-drop or tap, so you can easily view, edit and share files, images and text on both sides, and even copy and paste content between devices.

You can open up to three mobile app windows (one primary window and two secondary) on the large desktop display at once. This allows you to handle multiple tasks easily. Imagine being able to compare products from multiple shopping apps, cross-checking information between news apps, or attending a virtual meeting on one app and taking notes on the second, and having a discussion with teammates on the third. Amazing!

3. The perfect choice for those with a limited desk space

Even today, desktops are still pretty bulky, you have to admit, and take up more than half of our tablespace. The MateStation S, in contrast, adopts a minimal, simple design. Its compact case with a capacity of 8.6L, is just a third of the size of a regular PC. The smaller size and footprint make the MateStation S the perfect choice for those who may have limited desk space at work or in their study. Also, on the front and rear are ports which have been meticulously blended into the minimalist design to achieve a beautifully understated look.

4. Immersive viewing experience

7 reasons why you should get Huawei’s first desktop computer, for only RM2,999 Related News Related News Related News Trending in Starpicks Others Also Read

It’s always better with a big display, right? Having to multitask with a small screen will surely be a struggle. Don’t fret. Bundled together with a 23.8-inch Full HD display featuring three slim bezels and a 90% screen-to-body ratio, the MateStation S delivers high-definition picture quality. The display has also passed the TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light certification and Flicker Free certification so users can enjoy a comfortable viewing experience even for extended periods of time.

5. Smart and quiet cooling

A sophisticated cooling system has been installed in the MateStation S, which allows it to harness the full potential of the processor and deliver better performance. Featuring vertical blades, the fan works in tandem with a high-density bionic heat sink to deliver cooling performance quietly. When idle, the device runs with the fan turning as softly as 22dB. Even at full throttle, it runs at just 28dB, so it doesn’t disturb your co-workers in the office or anyone’s sleep when you are working from home.

6. Smoother and faster connectivity

At the front of the case, there is a USB-C port that conveniently supports 18W fast smartphone charging, so you can simply plug in your phone while using the desktop. At the back, it has an RJ45 Ethernet port, USB-A port, HDMI, VGA and Serial port that can support different tasks. The MateStation S also features 2x2 MIMO Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0.

7. Professional performance

Like other Huawei products, the MateStation S comes packed with powerful performance to help you in your day-to-day tasks.

It is powered by the 7 nm, 6-core AMD Ryzen 5 4600G Processor, and includes integrated Radeon Graphics. It comes with a 2-in-1 fingerprint reader and power button which take users straight to the desktop securely with a single press of the button. Equipped with a NVMe solid on the mainboard, the desktop computer supports high read and write speeds.

The high-speed solid-state drive (SSD) is connected to a PCIe slot with four lanes to support a maximum bandwidth of 32 Gbps to stream data to and from the drive. Other than the 16-lane and single-lane PCIe slots, the main board also includes two M.2 2280 slots and two SODIMM slots that support dual-channel DDR4 memory for additional SSD or HDD and RAM, should the user ever want to upgrade their PC.

With your purchase of the Huawei MateStation S, you may take home free gifts worth up to RM855 (terms and conditions apply).

And if that’s not enough reason, there’s more coming up to increase your productivity and efficiency ... keep an eye out for Huawei’s Wi-Fi AX3 Dual Core that is WiFi-6 enabled (up to 3000 Mbps) and WiFi Mesh, coming soon at the price of RM199!

Learn more about the Huawei MateStation S and its amazing features at any Huawei Experience Store in Malaysia or Huawei Store Online.