20 Hidden Mi Band 6 Tips and Tricks to Make Full Use of It

20 Hidden Mi Band 6 Tips and Tricks to Make Full Use of It

Recently Xiaomi surpassed Samsung to become the world’s biggest smartphone brand, according to a report by counterpoint research in July 2021. But other than smartphones, the most sold product category by Xiaomi is their Fitness band called Mi Band, and the latest addition to the lineup is the recently announced Mi Band 6 which comes with a bigger display and SpO2 tracking this time. Today I’m here to share the top 20 tips and tricks you should try on your Mi Band 6 to make full use of it.

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Top Hidden Tips and Tricks of Mi Band 6

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Auto Screen off time

The most common issue every wearable has is that the screen quickly goes off, this can become a bit troublesome when you are doing something on your band. With Mi band 6 you can increase this time to a maximum of 10 seconds, which is good enough to do something.

Screen Wakeup methods

There are multiple ways to wake up the screen of Mi Band 6, you can choose to either tap to wake up or swipe up to wake the screen up. This can be done as follows:

Along with this, you can also enable, disable, or schedule the raise to wake up feature from the app. You can also increase the response speed which will take a hit on the battery life.

Night Mode on Mi Band 6

We usually wear smart bands and watches while sleeping as well in order to track our sleep pattern, duration, etc. The bright light can disturb you before going to bed, and can hamper your sleep cycle. Mi band 6 has a night mode for this as well, the night mode reduces the maximum brightness, which can be switched to normal by manually adjusting the brightness.

DND Mode on Mi Band 6

There’s another mode to help you sleep better or at least have a break from your Mi Band, and that is DND mode. It can be auto-enabled when you take it off your hand or fall asleep, you can even activate DND for a set time frame as well.

20 Hidden Mi Band 6 Tips and Tricks to Make Full Use of It

Custom Vibration Pattern

The Vibration motor of Mi Band 6 is really strong that it can shake you up pretty easily, you might not want that to happen every single time you receive a notification. To fix this you can set a custom vibration pattern (faint or strong) for each type of notification, this also lets you know why your band vibrates without even looking at it. Steps to set a custom vibration pattern on Mi band 6:

Auto Workout detection

Mi Bands are fairly accurate in measuring activities, but there’s a possibility that you do some activities very often compared to others. There are 5 activities to choose from, and you can select all of them if you like to. This will impact battery life as the band will continuously monitor your workout status.

Workout Modes

Mi band 6 supports up to 30 workout modes, and if the workouts you do often and frequently are not covered above, then activating the workout of your choice can take time. To cut short this time, and quickly jump to the workout, you can move the workouts of your choice to the top of the list for easy access.

Prevent sharing location data to the cloud

By default, every Mi band shares the location data to the cloud. If you don’t want to share this data then it can be stopped from the app.

Add Widgets on Mi Band 6

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find the features you like and use the most, right at the front and center. That’s where widgets come into play, Mi Band 6 allows to add up to 6 widgets right to the main display of the band.

Rearrange Apps on Mi Band 6

Just like Workout modes you if you use more than 6 features on your Mi Band 6, and widgets are not enough to cover them all. Then you can re-arrange the apps of your Mi band 6 and keep them at the top for easy access.

Female Cycle Tracking on Mi Band 6

Mi Band 6 also comes with Female Cycle Tracking, which is a welcome move for female users. It can be hidden for some users, if are you unable to find it. Follow these steps to enable it on the Mi Band 6.

Enable Band Lock on Mi Band 6

If you are someone who keeps playing with your Mi Band 6, and wants to get haptic feedback as a reminder to get back to work. Then you can use the Lock screen feature on the Mi Band 6, it can also come in handy to prevent accidental touches.

Notifications on Lock Screen

Now that you have enabled the lock screen on your Mi Band 6, you can see your notifications on the lock screen as well.

Camera Control on Mi Band 6

There’s also a handy feature to control the camera shutter button right from the small display on your Mi Band 6.

Reject calls with a Message on Mi Band 6

Even though Mi Band 6 doesn’t allow you to reply to notifications but you can reject an incoming call with a custom reply as well. You can have a total of up to 10 quick replies saved in the App.

Custom Watch Face and Image on Mi Band 6

The most common question for a smartwatch or a smart band is that does it allows setting a custom picture as a watch face. In the case of Mi band 6, yes you can set a custom picture as a watch face, but that can be done only with few watch faces.

Edit Watch Faces on Mi Band 6

On Mi Band 6 you can edit the 3 default watch faces as well by long-pressing the display, but that’s not enabled by default. It can be enabled by following these steps:

Unlock Laptop and Phone with Mi Band 6

Mi Band 6 also comes with a very helpful feature to unlock your laptop using the Mi Blaze Unlock App on your Laptop. Also if you are using a phone running on MiUi then you can unlock your phone as well using the Mi Band 6.

Pairing Restrictions of Mi Band 6 with other Apps

If you are not able to pair your Mi Band 6 in other apps on your phone, there is a possibility that you might have activated the pairing restriction on your Mi Band 6. It can be disabled by:

Screen light up for Notifications on Mi Band 6

If your Mi Band 6 doesn’t light up when you receive a notification, or if you don’t want the screen to light up at late night. Then you can adjust these settings on the Band.

These were the top 20 Mi Band 6 tips and tricks you should know and use on your Mi Band in order to make full use of it. Now enjoy your all-new fitness band as have a great time tracking your amazing day with your Mi Band 6.

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